Slayers Knight of Aqua Lord vol. 2 ch. 09

Probably one of the stranger romanizations I’ve seen… BUT WHATEVER MAN, SHE’S GOT DELICIOUS STOCKINGS.

The newest chapter is up for grabs! I…I love Shizuri. So much. SO SO SO MUCH. You guys better love her by the end of the chapter, too… OR ELSE.

Okay, I kid. But seriously, Shizuri’s awesome. SHIZURIIII. SHOUTA-COOOON

Download chapter 09 – Burning

Also, we’ve gotten $17 in donations! THANKS TO ALL YOU FRIGGIN’ AMAZING PEOPLE WHO DONATED!! You guys. Seriously. ARE THE BEST.

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Thank you so much! It’s such a treat to have so much Slayers available! THANK YOU!


Thanks so much! Just a question though… Why does Amelia say that she’s from Sairaag in the translation?